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Join Our Team!

Experience the joy of teaching in a setting where every day is an adventure.

Be part of a team that values innovation, individual growth, and the power of nature in education.

Position: Outdoor Preschool and Kindergarten Teacher

Location: Golden Gate Park and Ocean Beach, San Francisco

Type: Full-time, Monday-Friday

About You

You're passionate about guiding young explorers through rain or shine, with a deep love for nature and a commitment to the safety, comfort, and happiness of every child.


Your sense of adventure thrives in all weather, and challenges are met with humor and positivity. You value teamwork, sharing a mission to foster outdoor learning and environmental stewardship.


With experience in early childhood education or a similar field, you're eager to grow, adapt, and innovate, understanding the unique needs of children and connecting with them through kindness and empathy.


You’re seeking to build and improve your own emotional intelligence and communication skills by modeling them consistently as a way to learn and teach.

If this sounds like you, you're exactly who we're looking for.

About the Job

In this role you will lead and engage children in immersive outdoor activities across all weather conditions, nurturing their curiosity, empathy, and connection to nature. You will embrace the unique challenges of outdoor teaching, collaborating with a team dedicated to prioritizing safety, and happiness of the children. Your responsibilities include assisting in setup/breakdown of our camp, and enforcing safety protocols. You'll be expected to model self-regulation, embrace feedback for self-improvement, and maintain a safe environment for dynamic, nature-based learning. This position suits those passionate about innovative education and personal growth.


  • Experience in early childhood education or related fields.

  • Enthusiasm for outdoor learning and play-based curriculum.

  • Proactive “doer” with a team player mindset.

  • Ability to roll with adversity and maintain a positive attitude.

  • Great sense of humor, especially during challenging times.

  • Keen interest in personal development, especially in areas of emotional intelligence, to model and nurture these skills in children.

  •  Must understand child development and how to bond with Littles by speaking with kindness and being understanding no matter what kind of grumpiness or big emotions they are feeling.

  • Must be comfortable engaging with parents, serving as an advocate for their child’s holistic development through our philosophy and promoting consistency in the child’s environment at home and at school.

Benefits and Perks

  • Work in one of San Francisco's most beautiful outdoor classrooms.

  • Great competitive salary, bonuses, holiday pay, accrued sick pay beginning the day you start.

  •  9 weeks vacation, full medical, employer matching Simple IRA fund

  • Opportunities for quarterly raises based on your performance.  

  • Be part of a supportive and adventurous team and community of families.

  • Enjoy the most fun you've ever had while working hard, and developing skills that transfer to any aspect of life, or future career.

Interested in shaping the future of education? Apply now to become part of our team at Little Forest Explorers.
Send your resume and a cover letter highlighting your teaching experience and why you'd be a great fit for our team!

*If what you've read about Little Forest Explorers resonates with you, but you're hesitating to apply because you feel underqualified or you believe you have different skills to offer, we still want to hear from you. Passion, adaptability, and a shared vision for innovative, nature-based education are what truly matter to us. If you're eager to contribute and grow with our team, even in ways we haven't yet imagined, reach out. Let's explore together how you can be part of shaping young minds and futures at LFE.

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